LSQC124 – John Roy

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: John Roy (LSQC124) MR. John Roy on LSQC124 12/2. He is laying low, but decided to join us from “The Guest Room” The guys gotta pacemaker! High Risk Brother, so he is venturing out very little. Only two live shows since the stupid Covid. He also looks like a serial killerContinue reading “LSQC124 – John Roy”

Mark Sweeney (LIVE) LSQC132

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: LSQC132: Mark Sweeney Mark sweeney and his “Covid” hair join us tonight. Catch the show live by clicking bellow:

LSQC123 – Patrick Keane

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Patrick Keane (LSQC123) Hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving. Now, enjoy a delicious turkey sandwich as we watch Patrick Keane for LSQC123. Patrick joined us from a bunker in AZ where his mom is keeping him. This one covered a lot Including a story from when we worked together in Palm Springs andContinue reading “LSQC123 – Patrick Keane”

LSQC131: Rob Callow (Live) Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: LSQC131: Rob Callow Rob Callow is a big time Hollywood producer. We’ve never worked together. Rob Callow is a badass softball player with a lot of speed and can hit the ball really far. Wait, Rob Callow WAS a badass softball player with a lot of speed and can hit theContinue reading “LSQC131: Rob Callow (Live) Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy”

LSQC122 – Larry Omaha

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Larry Omaha (LSQC122) LSQC122 takes us into the Thanksgiving break. Larry Omaha is the man for tonight. he is a very laid back “present” kind of guy. really has it together. Wasn’t always like that. He clued us in to his shady past. He did time at the age of nine!!!Continue reading “LSQC122 – Larry Omaha”

LSQC130 – Adam Lieblein (Live)

12/28 – 6pst – 2nite – Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy Adam Lieblein covers hundreds of bases in the Entertainment Industry: Producer, Manager, Teacher, Comedian, Actor….. at one time, he was even my agent. Link Below LSQC – Adam Lieblein

Merry Christmas!!

That’s right, I said Merry Christmas. Deal with it. A scheduling conflict makes LSQC is dark tonight. Darren Carter will have to return at a later date. Long story short…. Westview kids. But hey, it’s Christmas. Let’s give the kids a pass. Merry Christmas from Lenny, and all the kids at Westview Middle School.

LSQC120 – Henry Phillips

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Henry Phillips (LSQC120) HENRY PHILLIPS has been seen and heard performing his twisted songs and stories on ‘Comedy Central Presents’, ABC’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, as well as satellite and terrestrial radio nationwide. His critically acclaimed comedy albums earned him mention in Billboard magazine’s ‘Critic’s Choice’, as well as acclaim from suchContinue reading “LSQC120 – Henry Phillips”