LSQC86 – Frank Townsend

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Frank Townsend (LSQC86) PODCAST UP NOW!!!! Fellow Chicagoan Frank Townsend was tonights guest in LSQC86. It was crazy ship stories, breathing exercises and comedy on Chicagos Southside. Coevered quite a bit today. Check out Frank on his Facebook: Thanks Frank…. …. and Thank You for tuning in. Please LIKE theContinue reading “LSQC86 – Frank Townsend”

LSQC – 4 Live shows this week!!!

Another one of those “Extra Live Shows” Weeks. The Thursday Extra show is “a 190lb circus with a mustache…” – Bruce Baum!!!! Add that to Frank Townsend, Lisa Alverado, and Marcus Anthony…. Busy week. Tune in at 6PM PST –

LSQC 2NITE – Collin Moulton???

WHO NEEDS POWER!?!?!? Well, we do. Tonights show with Collin Moulton is still a go as far as we know. We’ll be dodging rolling blackouts, but so far…. so good. Tune in at 6PM PST on YouTubeLive