LSQC98 – Brian Hicks

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Brian Hicks (LSQC98)

Back home to Chicago tonight to talk with my good friend Brian Hicks. This episode looks like an episode of “Criminal Minds”. He looks like he’s being held prisoner, but assures me he was just hiding from his family. Brians brother Tom even showed up to try and make Brian shoot milk through his nose. It’s a family thing. It Would have been funnier if Tom wasn’t yelling all the time.

Brian and I talked about his adjustment to Covid. A family guy with twins (TWINS!!) working and doing his best to a make it all work like thousands of comics are doing these days. Brian is a comic who works pretty clean most of the time. One of the reasons he’s been working as an opener for Michael Carbonaro since 2016. Brian has done, I think he said 4000 shows with him. I might be a bit off. Thousands(?) of shows entertaining in a family friendly environment is not an easy task. It takes real talent to pull that off, Brian has it. Don’t believe me? see for yourself.

Check out Brian’s site: Here

Just look for “Funny Brian Hicks” any where on Social Media, you’ll find him.

Brians album “Dibs” is available now on…. Amazon at ITunes

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