LSQC96 – Patti Vasquez Bonnin

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Patti Vasquez Bonnin (LSQC96)

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This honestly might be my favorite episode. Chalk this up as another guest who is better than me. I’ve known Patti Vasquez Bonnin for around 25 years. She is passionate, powerful, talented, and strong. The type of person I am happy my daughters look up to as a role model. I can’t put in to words the respect I have for Patti. She really goes full speed, all the time, helping everyone around her. It’s inspiring. From stand-up, to actor, to entertainment professional, to radio host….. to a career in politics?? Indeed. I hesitate to call her a politician, because I have a healthy dislike for 99% of them. I believe most of them get in to office and just forget why they are there. they become part of the system that is just broken on almost every level. I also believe Patti will be an exception to that. her head, heart, and drive is, and will continue to be in the right place.

One of the best things about Patti is, even with so much on her plate, she is still a comedian. I could talk to comics for ever, and we did. At an hour and thirty-seven minutes, this is maybe my longest episode. We talked about comedy. The feeling onstage when you know you are in control, the feeling when you don’t, and how comics are trying to survive during the pandemic. From stage opportunities, streaming, trying to stay out there, and the mental issues so many of us may be battling. Comedians don’t tell jokes to be funny… they NEED to tell jokes to survive. Comedians channel pain on stage. It’s a way for them to cope, and it’s a way for audience members to associate, connect, and realize some of the things they are going through themselves. The whole process is therapeutic for all involved. Watching it, performing it…. We are all missing that right now, more than I think we realize.

Patti was the perfect guest for this show. Thank You Patti……… and Thank You for watching!!!

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