LSQC95 – Jesse Campbell

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We talked with Jessi Campbell today. First, I, I mean the Westview kids, misspelled Jessi Campbell everywhere… and she didn’t tell me. So I blame her. We talked about the parenthood, lots of travel, cruise ships, delicate balance of family with a two stand-up parent household, we even dabbled in politics. Usually that’s a “No-no”, but since we are bothe pretty hard core moderates…. we agreed on pretty much everything. That almost NEVER happens.

A great comic, whom I have worked with quite a few times. I was aware she was a writer as well. I was not aware that she cranks out 3-5 scripts a year. 3-5 A YEAR!!!! What the Hell? Another guest who’s better than me. I suck.

Catch more of Jess on her website.

Thanks Jess….

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