LSQC88 – Bruce Baum

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Bruce Baum (LSQC88)


If you would have told me at the the age of twelve that I would have Bruce Baum on my unsuccessful and barely watched Live streaming show, I would have looked at you confused and said….. “What’s a stream?”

He says it himself in the interview, “When you were a kid you didn’t think people grew up to be comics. they were just someone you say on TV.” Bruce was that to me. I watched him for years as a teen. “Make me Laugh” was one of my favorite shows. When he did “Baby Man”, it made me laugh everytime. To think, he was gonna be a lawyer!!!

We talked about what got him in to comedy. His Dad’s sense of humor, the “Ninja” comedy shows he did with his cousin on the UCLA campus, trying to get work performing for people waiting in a Doctors waiting room…. It all makes sense now.

Bruce isn’t just a comic. Author, singer, actor, Entrepreneur… His book “On Hold” his band “Nogginblast”, and his homemade organic hot sauce…….. also called “Nogginblast”.. it was a great conversation.

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Thanks Bruce!!

….and Thank You for watching a great one.

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