LSQC75 – Brian Noonan

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
LSQC75 - Brian Noonan

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Brian Noonan (LSQC75)


Mr. Brian Noonan of Chicago’s very own WGN Radio was our guest today. He and Lenny coordinated their outfits. It was adorable. They talked a bit about a career in radio, family, working from home, and Brians’ lais·sez-faire approach to it all. Like most of our guests, (and most Entertainers in general) Brian’s talents cover multiple areas. Not just radio, but also Stand-up, podcasting and his own Facebook Live show. You catch them all at the links below.


Thanks Brian!! …..and Thank You for tuning in.

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