LSQC180 – Jimmy Shubert

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
LSQC180 - Jimmy Shubert

LSQC180 – Jimmy Shubert returns.

Opened for Sam Kinison and Carl Labove as one of the “Outlaws of Comedy”. From Philly, lived in LA, now lives in Florida….. This is his second appearance on the show. The first one he set the ground rules on “swearing” and how far we were willing to go. So, there’s that.

It took almost 35 minutes for Jimmy to get worked up. But, he did not disappoint. We talked about the passing of Carl Labove, a mentor to him. People minding their business. We pointed out the difference between our discussions now and 20, even 10 years ago. What used to be cocaine, last calls, and late nights has turned to wellness shots, diet, and quality of life conversations. Bottom line, we are still alive.

Thanks Jimmy

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