LSQC176 – Scott Henry

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
LSQC176 - Scott Henry

LSQC176 has Scott Henry on Live Stream 2nite. Comic and all around classy guy. Live on YouTube – LennySchmidtComedy channel Scott and I go back a few years. He’s a great comic and actor. We covered a lot of bases 2nite. The stupid Packers, Aaron Rodgers, the unemployment lie, and everyones favorite most recent subject…. GETTING BACK TO NORMAL.

Scott moved to Kentucky. That’s right, you heard me. He and his wife were actually ahead of the game. They left Hollywood for the Midwest before Covid even reared it’s ugly head. The two of them were also ahead of the “building and sustaining a career in the entertainment industry outside of Hollywood, NY or any of the other typical places. That seems to be the norm now. Covid has pushed quite a few people in that direction. You can be anywhere in the world and do just about anything. The entertainment world has opened up, along with numerous opportunities and platforms. Scott and his wife Catherine jumped right in. Their platform of choice…..? Clubhouse.

Clubhouse is an “invite only” app. It’s live audio interaction with thousands of people on different channels, pages, platforms, etc. Scott and Catherine run “The Comedy Lounge”. They offer hours and hours of programming available to platform members world wide. I’ve been on quite a few times. Live/real time interaction with comics, or those interested in comedy 24/7. Comics can bring in new material and run by others…. Check in with entertainers world wide…. Get involved in “Guess the punchline”, “Insert joke here” or any other of number of shows offered on TCL. You can even catch top comedians and industry professionals popping in, or sitting in for a scheduled “Q&A”. Names like Jeff Fowxorthy, Craig Robinson, Eddie brill, Finesse Mitchell…. just to name a few. “Clubhouse” is a new game in town. Scott and Catherine got in early. Making it happen now.

Download the “Clubhouse” App. Search “The Comedy Lounge” and join in on something new and fun.

Thanks Scott

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