LSQC175 – Spencer James

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
LSQC175 - Spencer James

2nite we feature Mr. Spencer James on LSQC175. He’s a comedian and filmmaker. He makes me refer to him as Mr. Spencer James. Full name and a MR. He’s very strict.

Spencer reminded me last time we worked together that some guy had a heart attack during his set. DURING HIS SET!! It was insane. He moved during Covid, almost bought a house right at the beginning of Covid. He (thankfully) dodged that bullet. Naturally the housing market came up. We also chatted about starting out. Cruise ships.. and relationships. He is in one, I am not. His started as a threesome…. now it’s a twosome…. might be a threesome again….. It was a lot to take in.

Spencer took the “off” time during Covid to learn to work with a camera. Like a good camera. Really quality high end work. Shooting documentary style video. Beautiful high quality work that you cans see on his site and insta. In fact, he and I will be working together on a ship in August.

Instagram: @ComedianSpencer

YouTube: ComedianSpencer

Laugh at Spencer at his Dry Bar special:

Thanks Spencer….. Thank You for watching

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