LSQC172 – Leslie Hunt

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
LSQC172 - Leslie Hunt

2nite on LSQC172 Leslie Hunt, Fan-Favorite, American Idol Semi-Finalist Makes Comeback with “Ascend”, her brand new and exquisite album.

Leslie is amazing. Two kids, multiple instruments and bands, and a semi-finalist on “American Idol”…. Her focus and drive to stay on her passion is inspiring. We got to chat about her creative process for “Ascend”, as well as “Descend”. The former has a release date of 6/25, 9/3 for “Descend”. Much of the latter was inspired by so much from 2020. She lets the music take her where it wants her to go. So well put. Not forcing anything. Just a cool organic process of not so much bringing, but letting music come to life.

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Bio: A multi-talented and multi-instrumentalist since the age of four, Leslie has captivated millions of people with her songs. With three amazing solo albums under her belt and four studio albums and several live albums as a vocalist and songwriter for the progressive rock band District 97, Leslie’s successes from both her solo career as well as District 97’s have led to many tours in North America and Europe. As a result, Leslie has gained a multitude of fans worldwide. As a solo artist, Hunt holds regular performances, enchanting rooms large and small with nothing but a piano and her voice. She also has a full backing band for shows that are less intimate, yet still wholly riveting.

Throughout her career, Leslie has worked with numerous established talents, including drummer Vinnie Colaiuta (Frank Zappa, Joni Mitchell, and Sting), bassist Vail Johnson (Stevie Nicks and Herbie Hancock), and Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s cellist Katinka Klein. Ultimately, what sets her apart is that she straddles two extremes: a witty, bouncy pop artist in brightly colored dresses who is pitted against her darker self, a sensual and piano-crouched exhibitionist. Whether it is a cheerful, hook-heavy pop tune about love or a dark and insightful ballad of self-discovery, Hunt’s music is a window into her soul for any listener willing to look.

Thanks Leslie.

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