LSQC170 – Carl Kozlowski

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
LSQC170 - Carl Kozlowski

Comic, creator, Producer, Pioneer, and one of the genius’ behind “Radio Titans” We’ll talk about movies, old times. and maybe Waffle House.

Carl is always finding ways to recreate his career, so to speak., Always finds a way to stay creative. From doing movie reviews, creating his own podcast network (Radio Titans), to being “Thatfunnywalmartguy”, Carl continues his daily mission to be funny.

I was lucky enough to work with Carl on a number of these projects. The Podcasts “Grand Theft Audio” and “The Koz Effect”, as well as some of the live shows Carl produced. The Pajama Party and the show at the Gaylord.

More from Carl: Radio Titans (Documentary) See interviews from dozens of people involved in the creation and building of “Radio Titans” over at the YouTube channel “Podcrash: The Radio Titans Story”…

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Good-Clean-Guilt Free-Fun comedy at Need to book comics who can wok clean? PG? G?…. in a CHURCH…….?! That’s why Catholic Laughs is here.

Thanks Carl….. ….. and You’re welcome

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