LSQC165 – Dan Thiel

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
LSQC165 - Dan Thiel

2nite, we catch up with actors. Actor Dan Thiel from the film “Deep Blue Sea” and my acting class is on LSQC165. We discuss his current film “Tug of war” in which he stars AND Produces. I also give him tips on how to be more handsome.

Great chat with Dan. I met Dan in acting class. Maybe the best acting class ever. We talked about that, tons of acting stuff from Dan’ s career, acting and producing in the post covid world, having daughters.,… and we did it all without being cancelled… I think.

We discussed “Tug of War”, a feature Dan stars in and produces. The film is currently seeking funding/financing. I’m always a fan of artists’ taking control of a project and trying to get it done on their terms. No studio, No network, no BS…. This is a big one too. Special effects. space stuff… Dan plays a down and out, drunk, tug boat pilot in space. The best gig ever. It’s pretty amazing. Catch the teaser in the show. OR……

Check out everything about “Tug of War” here. read the info. get involved if you can.

Thanks Dan. ‘and Thank you for watching……

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