LSQC149 – Don Barnhart

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
LSQC149 - Don Barnhart

LSQC149 – Don Barnhart. Where do I start with Don Barnhart….? Comedian, Hypnotist, Producer, Actor, Filmmaker, Teacher, Writer, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Booker, Club owner, Author, Husband…….. sleeps occasionally. ….and, Salsa maker. This guys insane.

As a business owner in Vegas, Don was a great guest to give yet another POV as far as COVID and entertainment goes. He also is another guest that just finds a way to keep moving forward, keep creating, keep on keeping on. Covid is just another speed bump in this road called life. (I’m leaving the last line in even though it sounds lame)

(****Since this recording, I booked a week at Don’s Delirious Comedy Club in Vegas May 6-9…. and he did send some salsa. I suggest you order some asap.)

All things Don Barnhart can be found at:

His site:

His Salsa:

Both his Vegas clubs: Delirious:


His “Dry Bar” comedy special:

Thanks Don….. ….and Thank You for tuning in.

You’re Welcome. ___________________________________________________________________

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