LSQC138 – Jill-Michele Melean

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
LSQC138 - Jill-Michele Melean

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: LSQC138:

Jill-Michele Melean Jill takes time out of her busy schedule to join us…. and she is very busy. From her own comedy special (White/Latina), the comedy horror film “Witness Infection”, to working with Clint Eastwood on “Richard Jewell”, Jill always has 10 different things going on. Tonight, we’re one of them!!

Talk to Jill for ten minutes, and you feel like you could lift a truck. I mean, I love to have people on the show that punched Covid in the face. They found a way to adapt, just picked up their career and side stepped their way to success. They didn’t let Covid hold them back. thing is, Jill has always been that way. She wants to do a movie, she writes it, produces it, Gets it done. Wants her own comedy special? She shoots it, produces that, gets it up an Amazon. She just gets it done…. period. Next up is the feature “Witness Infection” which she co-wrote with Carlos Alazroqui, who also funded it. It will be out in March. They could of sold it, but NO. they do it themselves. they own it. That’s how you build a career for yourself. It’s inspiring. motivating… MAN I WANNA LIFT SOMETHING NOW!!!

So much of Jill to see….

Her stand-up special “White/Latina” on Amazon:

“This is Meg”: the semi-autobiographical feature about a young woman trying to make it happen in todays Hollywood:

Jills IMDB and WEBSITE IG is @Jillyonline

Thanks soo much Jill…. and Thank You for watching.

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