LSQC130: Adam Lieblein

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
LSQC130: Adam Lieblein

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Adam Lieblein (LSQC130)

Adam Lieblein covers hundreds of bases in the Entertainment Industry: Producer, Manager, Teacher, Comedian, Actor….. at one time, he was even my agent. We talked about everything from his ex wives to his long career as an agent. Numerous audition stories from him and me. A lot of insight to acting, auditioning, call-backs…. before and after Covid. Soo many changes, and the industry continues to find ways to adapt. All good things moving forward.

Adams knowledge of the business side of the industry is deep. He offers numerous ways to help the working actors with their careers such as; He’s been teaching a UCLA extension business class specifically for actors for the last twenty years. Reach out to him, mention this show and he will cut you a deal. If you are looking out for an agent, commercial, theatrical contact him and mention this show.

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