LSQC114 – Tom Clark

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Tom Clark (LSQC114)

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LSQC114 featured Tom Clark. A brilliant Stand-up with a really unique style. We talked about that and some of the outdoors shows he’s been doing. Since we are talking about YouTube, Liking videos, sharing, subscribing… . He has TONS of content on his YouTube page. From his stand-up, to “The Clarks”, a YouTube show he does with his wife Steph, to the “Phone scammer” calls he’s been doing for years. You know the drill, You owe the Social Security money, they call, you have to get numerous gift cards that add up to the total, making sure each card is below $1000….. Come on, who DOESN’T owe the IRS $9000? Am I right? Tom rides these calls out as long as he can. They’re hilarious. We actually tried to play one during the show, but the stupid kids from Westviews screwed it up. Idiots. Have no fear…. There’s a link to “Phone Scammers 3” (The one we talked about) right in this video. I suggest you check it out.

Check out all Tom’s (and Stephs) stuff.

Here’s the info we mentioned: As I said, Tons of content over on Tom’s YouTube – TomClarkComedy channel

Go to his site to see what he’s up to, clips, your dates (if we ever do that sort of thing again.

Also, his podcast “I’m a Rescue”. check that out. You can even buy merch. There’s a black “I’m a Rescue” T-shirt you can grab and part of the proceeds go to “Pet’s for Vets”, a program that sets Rescue pets up with Veterans. It’s a great cause.

Catch Toms Stand-up special “Outraged” for free on Amazon:…

Thanks Tom…. and thank you for watching!!!

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