LSQC112 – Rob Paravonian

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
LSQC112 - Rob Paravonian

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Rob Paravonian (LSQC112)

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Rob Paravonian was the guest for LSQC112. I worked with Rob quite a bit in Chicago back in the late nineties. Now he’s in NY, I’m in LA…. tonight, we are here. We covered a lot tonight. NY, “Second Wave”, Broadway, Zoom shows, our history in Chicago, The Cue Club, “the Riff”, clubs bouncing checks, working on ships, what we expect (or don’t expect) the next few months….. we also touched a bit on the long term effect not performing may have on live performers. every once in a while on this show we t]talk about how this whole stupid Covid thing is affecting us mentally. Entertainers aren’t just “sad” we can’t perform, or are upset that there’s no work….. there’s also a significant deeper motivational factor that has come in to play here. The longer it drags out…….

Rob also gave us a taste of some stuff he has been recording during Covid. He has a large library of content that you yourself can buy. You can buy a flash drive shaped like a cassette tape (Remember cassettes?) filled with original music and comedy that Rob has put together. Where, you ask…? I’ll tell you.

You can also tune in to Rob every Tuesday on “Cover Tuesday”. A live streaming comedy music show.. every Tuesday, different songs, same guy, different theme, same room… Where, you ask again? Again, I tell you….

Great show Thanks Rob…. been too long. and thank you for watching!!!

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