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Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Palmer Davis (LSQC103)

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I’ve know Palmer Davis for years. She taught my kids. She’s an amazing woman who goes 150% at all times. Everything starts with “Dance” for Palmer. We talked about her early years as a “Rockette”, the hard life as a young professional dancer, Her move up north, her philosophy for teaching and directing kids, her work with yoga and physical fitness, and of course her legs.

Palmer also gives 150%. It seems everything Palmer strives to do helps people. As a teacher as an instructor, dance, yoga, spirituality.. in the end, it always ends up helping others. She has a passion for paying it forward. She takes what she has, combines it with what she knows, and gives that all to others. The “Palmer Dance Experience” (PDX) is a perfect example. It’s a combination of everything she has to bring to the table. fitness, Dance, cardio, movement.. It’s something different everyday through dance. Using dance to improv your health on every level; fitness, flexibility, sexual…. Palmer touched on how hip movement and strength can help your sex life. This got my attention. it even got me up to move.. not sure it was sexy, but I got my hips lose and if I ever get out again….. who knows.

Palmer and and her PDX members are almost half way through the first “30 day” challenge. I’m sold, I’m doing the next one. Nov 2 Interested? You can email Palmer for more info –

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