LSQC101 – Rob Sherwood

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Rob Sherwood (LSQC101)

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Rob Sherwood live from Chicago for LSQC101. He lives in Vegas!! He’s been the opening act for “Carrot Top” for the last six years. Obviously, we talked about that. As well as, Vegas opening up, his band “Lawnmower Death Riders”, his wife (my friend) Cyndi, the “Stupid Covid”, life as a comic, and “Rosemary and Jeans” public house. a kick-ass restaurant in Lombard opened by friends and family…… it was a good show. great show. He even missed the Yankee game for it.

Wanna see Rob? Head to the Luxor as soon as it opens. He and Carrot Top are just waiting for the greenlight!! Order tix for Carrot Top (w Rob Sherwood) here

Tons more info on Rob:

FB –

Lawnmower Death Riders FB – What the hell, maybe see him at “Rosemary and Jeans”

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