LSQC174 – Seth Buchwald

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
LSQC174 - Seth Buchwald

2nite on LSQC173 the one and only Seth Buchwald. Actor/Comedian/Mini-Batmobile driver. We talk comedy and the long awaited restart of Cruise ships.

So cool to see Seth. We did talk about ships and comedy. Seth is one of those guys who lets the show come alive. We are quite similar that way. Oh, he has an idea where he’s going when he gets there. However, it’s so much a script as it is numerous suggestions. He plays the room and lets whatever happens, happen. Ya really have to see him live and be “part” of his thing. In fact, His new CD “Zingity Zing” is all the best of his live crowd work. Want one? Yes you do, just just e-mail him – and he will set you up.

We also talked a lot about parenthood. Seth has twins, who made a surprise appearance. Toddlers. YIKES!! The constant advice , input, and corrections, opinions, and input for people who don’t have kids. Always a treat. I’m a big fan of being told I’m doing it wrong by someone who has never been puked and pooped on every night at 4am for 6 nights straight by some one who can somehow project puke and poop out substances that are twice their body weight.

Seth is from Ohio. He does a lot of work with Milestones Autism Resources. A great Ohio based charity that works hard to improve the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum by educating, coaching and connecting the autism community with evidence-based information. You can find them at

Like he said in the show.. want a CD? Just e-mail him –

More Seth: Twitter: – @ComedySeth1

Thanks Seth… and Thank You for watching.

Streamed live on YouTube – LennySchmidtComedy channel

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