LSQC74 – Rick Overton

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Rick Overton (LSQC74)


Thousands of problems with the live broadcast (even more than usual) were eventually solved, and one of my favorite comedians was able to finally get some words in. Rick Overton is a truly multi-talented artist and a brilliant mind. We talked, (Brace yourself)…. Improv, Politics, Portland, Covid, Capitolism, Stand-up, the Legendary “Off the Wall Improv Comedy Group”, The George Lucas Talk Show, EDD, Protests, Del Close, “Set List”, Quarantine, Technology, Robin Williams, Del Close, Fred and Mary Willard, numerous Lovely talented comedy professionals who are no longer on Earth……. all of the topics I expected from Rick, and why he was the perfect guest for LSQC.

You can catch Rick Aug 2 on “The George Lucas Talk Show” on Planet Scum

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