LSQC154 – Charlie Hughes

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
LSQC154 - Charlie Hughes

Charlie Hughes on LSQC154.

Very cool catching up with Charlie Hughes. I met him as an entertainment host on Carnival Cruise Lines. Now, he runs his own Personal Training business and is a working actor in the Vancouver area. Young guy playing it smart. Has himself in a great position to pursue and further his acting career. Spent a lot of time talking about the acting. How to deal with the roller coaster ride that is the acting world. Casting directors, auditions, classes, how to make money and keep it coming in during the “slower” times. This means before and after Covid. There’s gonna be some changes to the whole approach. Charlie is ahead of the curve on all of it. He works a lot because of it.

Charlie takes a select handful of applicants on board as personal trainer. Check out his site at:

Follow-up on all things Charlie Hughes on his IG:

Thanks Charlie….. and Thank You for tuning in.

You’re Welcome.

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