151 – Jodi White and Dale Jones

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy
151 - Jodi White and Dale Jones

LSQC151 – Dale Jones and Jodi White. The stars of their very own show on the YouTube “We’re the Jonses” over at the ComedyCouple comedy channel. Both friends of mine, both comics, both going through the same stupid shut down.

We talked about happy stuff… the road opening up, getting back on stage, family, dogs, Dale and Jodi are gonna be grandparents!!!! Dale and Jody also talked about the feeling of having our “soul ripped out”, A feeling shared by so many live performers who had their passion and livelihood taken away a year ago. Dale and Jody also told us all about their T-shirt business. Shirt, coffee cups, signs…. you can have just about anything printed by going to their website. https://comedycoupletees.com/

Thanks for Dale and Jodi…… and thank you for watching.

You’re Welcome.

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