LSQC62 – Josh Waitzman and Paulie Vacchiano

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(LSQC62) Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy – The 7/6/2020 ep. had a heavy “Cruise” vibe to it. Josh Waitzman and Paulie Vacchiano joined me for stories of shows, memories, and stories from working together on Carnival Cruise Lines. two of the finest entertainment people I know on the high seas or anywhere. It was great to reminisce, even better to talk optimistically about getting back out there. Best part of the interview….? The clip of Josh taking a nose dive on stage. Gold!!

Josh Waitzman is still with Carnival. He’s an elite personal vacation planner. He’s all over Facebook. Just search “Big Sexy Cruise Director” or go to to foind the ORIGINAL “Fun-bassador”

Paul Vacchiano or “Paulie V” as the world knows him is no longer on the High Seas. He is actually the Theatre Operations Manager at Pepperdine University Center for the Arts right here in Southern California. You can find him at

LSQC71 – Kim Harrison

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Kim Harrison (LSQC71)

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Kim Harrison (LSQC71)

“Mama Kim” herself Kim Millwater Harrison stopped by LSQC for ep 71. She is Carnival Cruise Lines through and through. We talked Comedy, family, travel, Pizza, and of course, Carnival Cruise Lines. Loved and admired by guests and comics alike, “Mama kim” does it all. Not only is she a beloved comedian by all across Carnival, she is a Carnival travel agent as well.

Thinking about booking a cruise…? “Mama kim” is the hook up. E-mail her directly at, or check out one of her Facebook pages. — To Laugh — to book a cruise.

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LSQC70 – Roman Murray

Roman Murray joins Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy for Ep. LSQC70. Great show. One of the smoooothest cats out there, Roman and I talked comedy, ships, Fatherhood, travel, and how a focus on health and mind helped him misplace 170 lbs. Great interview with a great guy. Thanks Roman!

Check the “the Roman Murray Show” out on all SM platforms. Website: YouTube: Facebook: This was also the first successful run through with the software switch. Huge props to #VMix, an awesome product. I have just tipped the iceberg of possibilities.

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Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: This week!!

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LSQC67 – Steve Seagren

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Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Steve Seagren (LSQC67)

(LSQC67) Steve Seagren joined the show. Besides being one of my best friends, Steve is an accomplished Stand-up, Actor, Producer, Filmmaker, and artist, as well as an award winning screenwriter. Way to good for my show. I got him on before he realized he was making a mistake.

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