LSQC75 – Brian Noonan

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Brian Noonan (LSQC75)


Mr. Brian Noonan of Chicago’s very own WGN Radio was our guest today. He and Lenny coordinated their outfits. It was adorable. They talked a bit about a career in radio, family, working from home, and Brians’ lais·sez-faire approach to it all. Like most of our guests, (and most Entertainers in general) Brian’s talents cover multiple areas. Not just radio, but also Stand-up, podcasting and his own Facebook Live show. You catch them all at the links below.


Thanks Brian!! …..and Thank You for tuning in.

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LSQC82 – Manny Oliveira

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Manny Oliveira (LSQC82)


Manny Oliveira let us in his bedroom tonight. It was sweet, he was gentle, not like last time. We covered Atlanta, Stand-up, food, kids, school, his style, and of course, cruise ships and the Punchliner. So much fun. One of the funnest guys to hang and chat with.

Catch more from Manny here: T

hanks Manny….

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LSQC81 – Doug Williams

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Doug Williams (LSQC81)


Mr. Doug Williams was on 2nite. Just got back from Oakland shooting a pilot, just i time to be on the show. Everything from stand-up, his spot on “the Bernie Mac Show”, working with Eddie Murphy, to getting back in the acting groove. Doug is truly a multi-talented man. Writer, actor, comedian, Producer, and most of all, Father. Great guy to hang with, talk to, and to have on the show.

Catch up on everything Doug Williams on his site:

Thanks Doug…. And Thanks to You for tuning in.

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LSQC50 – Billy D Washington

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Billy D Washington (LSQC50)


Wait a minute…..! Episode 50?! The LSQC Playlist starts with episode 62… WTF? Where are the first 61? Here’s your answer. As explained in the video intro…. There are 61 episodes of content that is set to be re-released in one way shape or form here on YouTube and podcast. Let’s start with on of my favorites.

Billy D Washington LSQC50- This was a great interview with Billy D. Washington. Honestly, one of the best stand-ups working (or not working) out there. We really get in depth about stand-up, style, and proper use of platform, What kind of responsibility (if any) do you have as a stand-up. we covered quite a lot as far as technique, etc.. (***Truth be told, I was reminded of this episode when I caught up with Billy’s own podcast “Tales of the Virus”, where Billy managed to make Covid creepier)

Catch More about Billy Here:


and listen to “Tales of the Virus” trust me.

Huge thanks to Billy D. Washington. and to you for tuning in!!

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LSQC80 – John McClellan

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: John McClellan (LSQC80)

Episode 80!! Wow. We don’t look a day over 79.


John McClellan was the guest for LSQC80. We talked about hanging out in Chicago and NY, the Chicago Comedy Festival, and getting drunk. Speaking of drunk… we also talked about his very own YouTube show, “Pour Choice”, where he tries the worst booze ever so you don’t have to. Check it out at…

More from John at:

hanks John. …and Thank You for watching.

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LSQC79 – Lang Parker

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Lang Parker (LSQC79)


Lang Parker showed up for LSQC80. We talked about her career. Great shows, her great eye for pics, stand-up, the road, and family. Especially, her Aunt Millie, who also joined us to give some well needed advice. In fact, you can get more from Aunt Millie on her very own Instagram @AuntMillieTime. It’s well woth it.

Also, tons more from Lang Parker here:

Thanks Lang…… and Thank You for tuning in.

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LSQC78 – Larry Reeb

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Larry Reeb (LSQC78)

Podcast available NOW!!

Chicago Comedy Legend Larry Reeb was in today. From the basement, cigar in hand… just what you would expect from “Uncle Lar”. He actually told the story explaining where the nickname “Uncle Lar” came from. We also covered, Live shows during Covid, baseball, and he made fun of my White Sox for 13 minutes. Laughed hard dozens of times, great interview with a great guy.

More from “Uncle Lar” at…

Thanks Uncle Lar…. … and Thank You for tuning in.

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LSQC77 – Tom Dreesen

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Tom Dreesen (LSQC77)


Tom Dreesens first took the stage when I was one year-old. With 61 “Tonight Show” spots, over 500 TV appearances, and a new book out, he shows zero signs of slowing down. Hell, we talked about when he’s going to get his next gig!! I love stand-up as and business and an art from. It was a treat for me to have Tom on the show and talk about that stuff. he talked about his book, Sinatra stories, and how laughter is more important now than ever. He also made my daughters day. A truly great comedian, and an even better human being.

Toms new book; “Still Standing…: My Journey from Streets and Saloons to the Stage, and Sinatra” can be bought on Amazon at –…

Much more from Tom at:

Thanks Tom…… and Thank You for tuning in!!

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LSQC76 – Kelly Teranova

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Kelly Terranova (LSQC76)


In his twenty four years in this business, Kelly Terranova has written a book, toured the world, writes a blog…. aand took time to have a beer and a chat with me. Well, let’s be honest, we all have nothing but time. Kelly is a favorite on the high seas, and land. yet another talented live performer who isn’t able to perform live right now.

Don’t believe me…? Everything Kelly Terranova can be found right here:

Thanks Kelly!! …..and Thank You for tuning in.