LSQC88 – Bruce Baum

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Bruce Baum (LSQC88)


If you would have told me at the the age of twelve that I would have Bruce Baum on my unsuccessful and barely watched Live streaming show, I would have looked at you confused and said….. “What’s a stream?”

He says it himself in the interview, “When you were a kid you didn’t think people grew up to be comics. they were just someone you say on TV.” Bruce was that to me. I watched him for years as a teen. “Make me Laugh” was one of my favorite shows. When he did “Baby Man”, it made me laugh everytime. To think, he was gonna be a lawyer!!!

We talked about what got him in to comedy. His Dad’s sense of humor, the “Ninja” comedy shows he did with his cousin on the UCLA campus, trying to get work performing for people waiting in a Doctors waiting room…. It all makes sense now.

Bruce isn’t just a comic. Author, singer, actor, Entrepreneur… His book “On Hold” his band “Nogginblast”, and his homemade organic hot sauce…….. also called “Nogginblast”.. it was a great conversation.

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LSQC87 – Lisa Alvarado

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Lisa Alvarado (LSQC87)


Lisa Alvarado, where do I begin…? Comedian, Actor, writer, Producer.. add single Mom to it, I don’t know how she found time to do our show. Again the multi-talented/dimensional performer we love to have on the show. We talked about Drive-in Comedy shows, Zoom, basically everything that the wonderful Covid has given us. We also got to see her as “Sarah Palin”, and her passion project, “The Michael Schmid story”. The emotional story of how she helped a man suffering from PLS achieve his goal of performing Stand-up before he passes away, and the friendship that was born from that Journey.

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LSQC86 – Frank Townsend

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Frank Townsend (LSQC86)


Fellow Chicagoan Frank Townsend was tonights guest in LSQC86. It was crazy ship stories, breathing exercises and comedy on Chicagos Southside. Coevered quite a bit today.

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LSQC – 4 Live shows this week!!!

Another one of those “Extra Live Shows” Weeks. The Thursday Extra show is “a 190lb circus with a mustache…” – Bruce Baum!!!! Add that to Frank Townsend, Lisa Alverado, and Marcus Anthony…. Busy week.

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LSQC85 – Richard Chassler

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Richard Chassler (LSQC85)


Richard Chassler was on today. Anytime we can get multi-talented entertainers, we do. Rich is one of those guys. Comedian, Actor, Writer, Producer, Director, and an award winning film maker. We discussed his short film “Stop” and a whole lot more. Turns out, he also is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to wine. I recently took advantage of one of those $100 vouchers. Richard walked my through the case they sent me, let me know what was good and wasn’t. Happy to say… ALL GOOD!! Pretty good deal. Thanks!!

Check out more of Richard Chassler: YouTube channel:

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LSQC84 – Gary Cannon

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Gary Cannon (LSQC84)


Gary Cannon squeezed us in just before his big NY gig. Gary is a comedian from San Francisco. Clubs, Cruise Ships, and one of the best warm-up guys in Hollywood. Currently at “Conan”, he’s done numerous shows “Dr. Ken”, “Man with a Plan”, “Will and Grace”, “The Connors”, “Mad About You”……… his resume is full and keeps getting fuller. We talked about that, working ships, working different crowds…. and more.

Get more info on Gary Cannon on his (kick ass) website.

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LSQC83 – Collin Moulton

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Collin Moulton (LSQC83)


Collin Moulton was the guest today. From his studio on a small island of Georgia, Collin caught us up an all he’s been up too during the Quarantine. He’s taken “Zoom shows” to a whole new level, mastering the whole platform and turning to Corporate events/shows. It’s amazing what he’s done in a short amount of time. Further proof that necessity is indeed the mother of invention. We also talked writing styles, technique, and performance. We even talked about therapy, surfing, gardening, niche markets… we covered quite a bit in an hour and forty seven minutes.

Check out his site and Zoom reel here:

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LSQC 2NITE – Collin Moulton???


Well, we do. Tonights show with Collin Moulton is still a go as far as we know. We’ll be dodging rolling blackouts, but so far…. so good.

Tune in at 6PM PST on YouTubeLive

LSQC59 – Jason Andors

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Jason Andors (LSQC59) (AKA – El tiguere vacano)


Jason Andors is an actor, comedian, writer, producer, and dancer. Just the kind of Multi-Dimensional performer we love here on LSQC. Episode 59 originally aired June 26, 2020. This was the last “Quarantine Comedy” episode before some changes and tweeks. Jason, talked about his penis, Kidney stones, Covid, and shines a light on his alter ego “El Tiguere Vacano” and his run on AGT in the Dominican Republic. It’s an amzing story… with VIDEO proof. You can see what I’m talking about. Jason walks us through the whole thing. A great story about a great country, great charactefr, from a great guest. Speak Spanish?

Check out the El Tiguere Vacano clips right here: “Dominicas Got Talent” –

More El Tiguere Vacano here:

More from Jason at his site:

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