LSQC95 – Jesse Campbell

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We talked with Jessi Campbell today. First, I, I mean the Westview kids, misspelled Jessi Campbell everywhere… and she didn’t tell me. So I blame her. We talked about the parenthood, lots of travel, cruise ships, delicate balance of family with a two stand-up parent household, we even dabbled in politics. Usually that’s a “No-no”, but since we are bothe pretty hard core moderates…. we agreed on pretty much everything. That almost NEVER happens.

A great comic, whom I have worked with quite a few times. I was aware she was a writer as well. I was not aware that she cranks out 3-5 scripts a year. 3-5 A YEAR!!!! What the Hell? Another guest who’s better than me. I suck.

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LSQC94 – Louis Johnson

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Louis Johnson (LSQC94)

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Great talk with Louis Johnson for LSQC94. A true Pro who has seen and done it all. We talked about a lot of the great comics we are in awe of, Bernie Mac, Chris Rock, and the genius of Dave Chappelle. Touched on the different cruise lines we work for, guest interaction (pros and cons) and cons) Also, martial arts, guy movies and anime. A wide range indeed.

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LSQC93 – Vince Maranto

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Vince Maranto (LSQC93)


LSQC93 was Vince Maranto night. Vince is one of a handful of people I’ve had on this show that I’ve known for over 25 years. Yeah, we’re old. We talked about alot of stuff you would expect from two Chicago guys. Sports and food. A lot of baseball, Trubisky, Rosatis, and the McRib. Ya know, the important stuff.

We also talked about the Chicago comedy scene. Vince is a Chicago Stand-up vet. Every comedy pro that has gone through Chicago knows Vince Maranto. They even used his name for a character on a sitcom. (His name, not him, so his name gets residuals… it’s a union thing)

He’s been around a while. Probably will be a while longer…. as long as he lays off the McRibs.

Check out more on Vince’s Facebook Page and his Website

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LSQC92 – Jorge Solano

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Jorge Solano (LSQC92)

Jorge Solano is a Carnival Comedy Legend. He’s been performing on their stages years before the Punchliner was even a thought. He was even the Cruise Directer on the first cruise ship I ever worked. We caught up on old times, talked Carnival, cruising, comedy, and health. Jorge went through a long period of soreness and pain. He used the time during quarantine to get healthy. He owes it all to Protocol525 It changed his life. he feels better than ever, most important… NO MORE PAIN!! It enabled him to live his life again. He can walk, move, exercise…. he lost a ton of poundage and is down to healthier fighting weight. Jorge is ready to attack clubs and cruise ships when the fog is lifted.

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Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy – Back Live ALL week!!!

After a short break, relocation, and a little drama.

Comedians, Screenwriters, and future Congresswoman this week. We kick it off strong.

LSQC91 – Matt Johnson

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy (LSQC91) DANGEROUS STUNTS THIS WEEK — DO NOT TRY AT HOME!!!!


LSQC91 was advertised as chaos, and it was. Master Magician, Escape Artist, and unnecessary risk taker Matt Johnson joined us. We talked about #Redalert and #redalertrestart , the overall movement to bring attention to the 77% of professionals who work in the field of Live Performance who have literally lost 100% of their income. We also talked about working together, working live…. oh, and HE STUCK 4 INCH FISHHOOKS IN HIS EYES!!!! Really, that’s all Catch his first official Zoom live theater show. Over 60 minutes of magic and more. Ticket options to watch, be involved, front row, and even a “Backstage Pass” with a meet and great and a little “Behind the Scenes” with Matt. Always a plus when it comes to magic. It’s all done at the virtual theater…

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LSQC93A – (48) Dwayne Kennedy

From the “Vault” 93A – LSQC48: Dwayne Kennedy 6-11-2020


93A – LSQC48: Dwayne Kennedy 6-11-2020 is the YouTube upload of our June 11 episode. Comedian, Actor, and Emmy award winning writer Dwayne Kennedy and I went on for over an hour. We talked blown auditions, bad shows, mistakes made, and Covid.

Catch Dwayne on Itunes or get his album. “WHO THE HELL IS DWAYNE KENNEDY?” at…

LSQC90 – Spike Davis

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Spike Davis (LSQC90)


90 episodes, WTF!?!?!?!?! This one was perfect. Spike Davis has an amazing career and path. Another Comedian for over thirty years. We talked about his long layered career. From open mics’ to Cruise ships, to the Hollywood Bowl, Spike has covered some amazing ground. He’s poised to cover more, re-inventing his career to work colleges through Zoom shows, and ready to hit the high seas when we all get the green light. Spike Davis is gonna be kicking ass for a long time.

He’s not letting Covid slow him down either. He took his travel knowledge, became certified and will now offer his expertise help book groups and charters at A-List travels, and started a T-shirt company with his family. Dozens of styles, colors, and shirts….. Another great guest I am so grateful to have had on my show.

All of Spikes info is here:

T-Shirts: Travel:

Everything Spike Davis at

This is another example of a performer of 30+ years punching Covid in the mouth and and just moving forward. Thanks Spike…

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LSQC89 – Marcus Anthony

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Marcus Anthony (LSQC89)


It was my pleasure to have Marcus Anthony on the show. Beautiful man with a beautiful voice. Marcus has been singing and performing live for years. I’ve seen him perform on ships dozens of times. We show a clip here, AND he leaves us with a song to close it out. He also let’s us in on his embroidered line of hats and t-shirts, that proudly display the words “Let’s Breathe Together”. A perfect slogan for these times. Marcus found a way to add a career, a business, and make a loving statement at the same time.

You can get much more info from Marcus, and contact him about where to by his merch at:

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