LSQC105 – John Ennis

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: John Ennis (LSQC105)

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Emerson grad, John Ennis joined me for LSQC105. An accomplished actor, John spent several years on HBO’s “Mr. Show” as well as soo much more to build an impressive resume. John is also an acting coach and instructor. He has been teaching for over twenty years. His passion is clear as we talked about working with young actors, his philosophy for working with them, the adjustment he’s made to a “Zoom” world and how he has used it to his advantage. John’s dedication and love for the craft comes through as he told us about working with his own kids, coaching his daughter, and “The Yard”, the LA theater he founded and runs. John explained what “The Yard” continues to do during the pandemic to keep putting up shows. John loves what he does and has made it a lifelong commitment. It’s one of the reasons I sent my daughter to study with him. We also spoke about the importance of arts for everyone. The power it has on a child at an early age. the confidence they get from a putting themselves out there. Arts, artists, the artistic passion is an endangered thing right now. It’s our job as artists to find a way, ANY way, to adapt to this covid world and bring that to everyone. especially now, in these unpredictable times.

Go to “The Yard” ( See what they have to offer. Whether you want to get involved or just watch the amazing talent….. You’ll Thank me. You know what? You’re welcome” Let’s just get that out of the way now.

Thanks John…. ….and Thank You for listening.

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LSQC104 – Jeff Shaw

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Jeff Shaw (LSQC104)

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Always great to talk to Jeff. A working comic for three decades or so, I met Jeff when he was helping to launch Carnival Cruise Lines “Punchliner” Comedy Clubs. He was the perfect guy for the gig. Always better when a comedian runs a comedy club. Jeffs perspective on comedy (performance and writing) is the kind of stuff I could talk about all day. His work ethic is second to none as well. This guy wrote a book, taped a special, has another album coming out in fall 2020, has tons of gigs lined up in a time when they are really hard to find any. “F*&K Covid” says Jeff Shaw, “I got stuff to do”

Catch up on all his dates and see what he’s up to on his website:

Buy his book “The Fun Dudes guide to cruising:

Drybar special at:

New album will be out soon on

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LSQC103 – Palmer Davis

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Palmer Davis (LSQC103)

PodCast up now!!

I’ve know Palmer Davis for years. She taught my kids. She’s an amazing woman who goes 150% at all times. Everything starts with “Dance” for Palmer. We talked about her early years as a “Rockette”, the hard life as a young professional dancer, Her move up north, her philosophy for teaching and directing kids, her work with yoga and physical fitness, and of course her legs.

Palmer also gives 150%. It seems everything Palmer strives to do helps people. As a teacher as an instructor, dance, yoga, spirituality.. in the end, it always ends up helping others. She has a passion for paying it forward. She takes what she has, combines it with what she knows, and gives that all to others. The “Palmer Dance Experience” (PDX) is a perfect example. It’s a combination of everything she has to bring to the table. fitness, Dance, cardio, movement.. It’s something different everyday through dance. Using dance to improv your health on every level; fitness, flexibility, sexual…. Palmer touched on how hip movement and strength can help your sex life. This got my attention. it even got me up to move.. not sure it was sexy, but I got my hips lose and if I ever get out again….. who knows.

Palmer and and her PDX members are almost half way through the first “30 day” challenge. I’m sold, I’m doing the next one. Nov 2 Interested? You can email Palmer for more info –

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LSQC102 – Gene Pompa

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Gene Pompa (LSQC102)

Podcast up now!!

The very funny Gene Pompa was here for LSQC102. We talked about Trump, Reagan, some creep on the beach near his daughter, covid, micro aggressions, being woke, … all while his wife Roxanne corrected him. He also told us all about his album “Crude Rude Chicano Dude” released under the “All things Comedy” label. Thanks Gene… and Thank You for tuning in!! LIKE the video – SHARE it – SUBSCRIBE to the channel.

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LSQC101 – Rob Sherwood

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Rob Sherwood (LSQC101)

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Rob Sherwood live from Chicago for LSQC101. He lives in Vegas!! He’s been the opening act for “Carrot Top” for the last six years. Obviously, we talked about that. As well as, Vegas opening up, his band “Lawnmower Death Riders”, his wife (my friend) Cyndi, the “Stupid Covid”, life as a comic, and “Rosemary and Jeans” public house. a kick-ass restaurant in Lombard opened by friends and family…… it was a good show. great show. He even missed the Yankee game for it.

Wanna see Rob? Head to the Luxor as soon as it opens. He and Carrot Top are just waiting for the greenlight!! Order tix for Carrot Top (w Rob Sherwood) here

Tons more info on Rob:

FB –

Lawnmower Death Riders FB – What the hell, maybe see him at “Rosemary and Jeans”

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LSQC100 – Bill Chott

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Bill Chott (LSQC100)

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Bill Chott was our guest the the big 100. A fellow actor and Improvisor, Bill has a great body of work. “This is Us”, “Monk”, “CSI”, “Saturday Night Live”, “Galaxy Quest”, “Wizards of Waverly Place”…. I could go on. We talked about the much of his work and how he got some of them gigs. He also let us know his three-year-old runs his house. A situation I am quite familiar with. Bill continues to perform and teach Improv to this day. In fact, you can even take his classes ONLINE at

Catch Bill in his very own internet show LiveJive at…

More info on Bills credits:

Thanks Bill….! ….and Thank you for watching

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LSQC99 – Vinnie Hines

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Vinnie Hines (LSQC99)

Two hours with singer, songwriter, musician, Vinnie Hines on ep LSQC99, wrapping up double digits episodes with a bang. we talked about living in Florida, his run on “American idol, drugs, frogs, indecent proposals, cruise ships, the pros and cons of being “Present”, using art to deliver a message, and how covid has may have adjusted our artistic voice….. I miss hanging with this guy. We didn’t even get to his music. Guys got a great voice. He was one of the first guys I saw “guitar looping”. Very cool. Links below to his stuff. You get a chance to see him live… do yourself a favor… go.

More Vinnie at his website – HERE

Listen to his album “HQ” on Spotify Go to his Facebook

IG – VinnieHinesMusic

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LSQC98 – Brian Hicks

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Brian Hicks (LSQC98)

Back home to Chicago tonight to talk with my good friend Brian Hicks. This episode looks like an episode of “Criminal Minds”. He looks like he’s being held prisoner, but assures me he was just hiding from his family. Brians brother Tom even showed up to try and make Brian shoot milk through his nose. It’s a family thing. It Would have been funnier if Tom wasn’t yelling all the time.

Brian and I talked about his adjustment to Covid. A family guy with twins (TWINS!!) working and doing his best to a make it all work like thousands of comics are doing these days. Brian is a comic who works pretty clean most of the time. One of the reasons he’s been working as an opener for Michael Carbonaro since 2016. Brian has done, I think he said 4000 shows with him. I might be a bit off. Thousands(?) of shows entertaining in a family friendly environment is not an easy task. It takes real talent to pull that off, Brian has it. Don’t believe me? see for yourself.

Check out Brian’s site: Here

Just look for “Funny Brian Hicks” any where on Social Media, you’ll find him.

Brians album “Dibs” is available now on…. Amazon at ITunes

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LSQC97 – Tim Young

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Tim Young (LSQC97)

Mr. Tim Young was tonights victim. Joining us live from us live from Jersey. We talked about his smooth delivery, working the audience, and the difficulties of doing “drive-In” shows. We also touched on fecal transplants, donating blood and sperm. You heard me. Hey, it’s tough to make a buck with no stages brother. F*&$ing Covid.

Catch more from Tim on his website – HERE

Order Tims CD “What World is This?” HERE It’s only $9.99, and he’ll toss in his previous CD – “Indefensible”…. THAT’S A 2-4-1!!! How can you pass up that? You can’t!

To book or contact Tim:

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LSQC96 – Patti Vasquez Bonnin

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Patti Vasquez Bonnin (LSQC96)

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This honestly might be my favorite episode. Chalk this up as another guest who is better than me. I’ve known Patti Vasquez Bonnin for around 25 years. She is passionate, powerful, talented, and strong. The type of person I am happy my daughters look up to as a role model. I can’t put in to words the respect I have for Patti. She really goes full speed, all the time, helping everyone around her. It’s inspiring. From stand-up, to actor, to entertainment professional, to radio host….. to a career in politics?? Indeed. I hesitate to call her a politician, because I have a healthy dislike for 99% of them. I believe most of them get in to office and just forget why they are there. they become part of the system that is just broken on almost every level. I also believe Patti will be an exception to that. her head, heart, and drive is, and will continue to be in the right place.

One of the best things about Patti is, even with so much on her plate, she is still a comedian. I could talk to comics for ever, and we did. At an hour and thirty-seven minutes, this is maybe my longest episode. We talked about comedy. The feeling onstage when you know you are in control, the feeling when you don’t, and how comics are trying to survive during the pandemic. From stage opportunities, streaming, trying to stay out there, and the mental issues so many of us may be battling. Comedians don’t tell jokes to be funny… they NEED to tell jokes to survive. Comedians channel pain on stage. It’s a way for them to cope, and it’s a way for audience members to associate, connect, and realize some of the things they are going through themselves. The whole process is therapeutic for all involved. Watching it, performing it…. We are all missing that right now, more than I think we realize.

Patti was the perfect guest for this show. Thank You Patti……… and Thank You for watching!!!

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