LSQC115 – Steve Kouba

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Steve Kouba (LSQC115)

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Episode LSQC115, which features Entertainer, Recording artist, Piano Man Steve Kouba!! Yet another performer way more talented than me with nothing else to do but be on my show. Another great musician I had the pleasure of hanging with on the ships. We talked about that. Living on the ship, performing, the time spent… we especially talked about motivation and the creative process on the ships. It’s a different thing all together Steve is literally locked in a basement recording a new album. He’s taken advantage of the “Stupid Covid” to dig deep and record some original stuff. We got to hear a few tracks right here. He’s got a badass raspy voice that’s great to listen too. He’s spent the last few years playing a lot of covers, now he can use that voice to record some of his own lyrics. He’s just a few short weeks away from a kickstarter, promo, the whole deal. Follow him on FB and his site. Keep in touch with us, because he will. We’ll have all the info available soon.

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LSQC114 – Tom Clark

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Tom Clark (LSQC114)

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LSQC114 featured Tom Clark. A brilliant Stand-up with a really unique style. We talked about that and some of the outdoors shows he’s been doing. Since we are talking about YouTube, Liking videos, sharing, subscribing… . He has TONS of content on his YouTube page. From his stand-up, to “The Clarks”, a YouTube show he does with his wife Steph, to the “Phone scammer” calls he’s been doing for years. You know the drill, You owe the Social Security money, they call, you have to get numerous gift cards that add up to the total, making sure each card is below $1000….. Come on, who DOESN’T owe the IRS $9000? Am I right? Tom rides these calls out as long as he can. They’re hilarious. We actually tried to play one during the show, but the stupid kids from Westviews screwed it up. Idiots. Have no fear…. There’s a link to “Phone Scammers 3” (The one we talked about) right in this video. I suggest you check it out.

Check out all Tom’s (and Stephs) stuff.

Here’s the info we mentioned: As I said, Tons of content over on Tom’s YouTube – TomClarkComedy channel

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Also, his podcast “I’m a Rescue”. check that out. You can even buy merch. There’s a black “I’m a Rescue” T-shirt you can grab and part of the proceeds go to “Pet’s for Vets”, a program that sets Rescue pets up with Veterans. It’s a great cause.

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LSQC113 – Jarren Pointer

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Jarren Pointer (LSQC113)

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LSQC113 features my buddy Jarren Pointer. We met on a Norwegian ship. He was performing with “Howl at the Moon.” He’s about a third of my age, but has three times my talent. A brilliant Musician who plays everything. We got to talk about his freakishly accurate ability with a rubik’s cube, his travels, his new home studio, and his plans to record an album during the “Stupid Covd” shut Down. He also let us in on the original stuff he has previously recorded at the age of seventeen. SEVENTEEN!! I was throwing kegger parties at 17. We played a bunch of it during the show. There’s a link below. My suggestion, “Sweet Liberty”. Great song, great show, great guy.

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LSQC112 – Rob Paravonian

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Rob Paravonian (LSQC112)

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Rob Paravonian was the guest for LSQC112. I worked with Rob quite a bit in Chicago back in the late nineties. Now he’s in NY, I’m in LA…. tonight, we are here. We covered a lot tonight. NY, “Second Wave”, Broadway, Zoom shows, our history in Chicago, The Cue Club, “the Riff”, clubs bouncing checks, working on ships, what we expect (or don’t expect) the next few months….. we also touched a bit on the long term effect not performing may have on live performers. every once in a while on this show we t]talk about how this whole stupid Covid thing is affecting us mentally. Entertainers aren’t just “sad” we can’t perform, or are upset that there’s no work….. there’s also a significant deeper motivational factor that has come in to play here. The longer it drags out…….

Rob also gave us a taste of some stuff he has been recording during Covid. He has a large library of content that you yourself can buy. You can buy a flash drive shaped like a cassette tape (Remember cassettes?) filled with original music and comedy that Rob has put together. Where, you ask…? I’ll tell you.

You can also tune in to Rob every Tuesday on “Cover Tuesday”. A live streaming comedy music show.. every Tuesday, different songs, same guy, different theme, same room… Where, you ask again? Again, I tell you….

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LSQC111 – Peter Jessop

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Peter Jessop (LSQC111)

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I first worked with Peter on a school function. He did a beautiful rendition of “Hallelujah”. he has a great voice. We got to talking and I found out he’s an actor, voice actor, and he’s from Chicago. We talked about Pizza for an hour. We’ve been friends ever since. We talked about his work on “Seal Team”, voice over stuff including “Fallout 4”, and I complained about the Bears horrible showing on Monday night. He also let gave us some info on most recent project with guitarist Eric Schermerhorn (Iggy Pop, David Bowie). The two of them have been working on animated show about the “New Wave” music scene of the Eighties. They have a written pilot, show bible, and at least 25 original songs they wrote specifically for the show. Not to mention quite a few Eighties “New Wave” musicians that can’t wait to drop in for some cameos. It sounds like a great idea, and a lot of fun.

Peter is always plugging and hustling for the next and better project. It’s the only way an artist like him can survive in the Entertainment business. Can’t let anything slow you down… not even a stupid disease that shuts down the worlds economy. That’s what were talking about here at LSQC. Best part… he agreed to write a new theme song for this show… stay tuned.

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LSQC110 – Nathan Sangsland

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Nathan Sangsland (LSQC110)

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First timer I met Nate was on the Norwegian Getaway. He was doing the “Howl at the Moon” gig. Dueling pianos is soo much fun to watch live. Nate is not only a great live musician, he’s also freaking hilarious. One of the reasons we hit it off so well. We talked about playing a song a week and making it look like the first time. we also covered, meshing with other musicians, ship life, New Orleans, and everything live entertainment. Which is what “Sangsland Entertainment” is all about. He and his wife, Geraldine (whom we also met) started SE together. they book all kinds of live events for all kinds of funtions. Weddings, corporates, birthdays, anniversaries…. They specialize in “Live” and “interactive” performances that get the whole place jumping. Honestly, that’s Nates wheel house. See for yourself at the “Saangsland Entertaiment” website at — or Facebook page at

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LSQC109 – Sid Davis

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Sid Davis (LSQC109)

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My good friend Sid Davis. Comedian/Baseball fan extraordinaire joined us for LSQC109. He showed us a bit of his compound in Charlotte, NC. Covid has given him time to upgrade the pad. Sid is unique in the fact that he started stand-up at the age of 50. Before that, he was an airline mechanic. We covered that, as well as, why he shouldn’t be a pilot, Bad checks, cruise gigs, and of course…. baseball.

Want to see more Sid…? website:….

You can also go #DryBarComedy and watch his last special. That will hold you over until his new Cd comes out in a few months.

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LSQC108 – Mike Burton

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Mike Burton (LSQC108)

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My good friend Mike Burton joined us for LSQC108 from NY. we were both fresh of of road gigs. So, we talked about preforming during Covid. Comedy in a bubble, clean mics…. its a new world. We also talked about our kids in college during Covid. It’s all different my Brothers. Mike is very funny, quick and best seen live. Where? I’m glad you asked….

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LSQC107 – Jill Maragos

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Jill Maragos (LSQC107)

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Buffalo native Jill Maragos was the guest for LSQC107. We taped this one on location in Oklahoma City, OK. I got to work with her for a week over at the Loony Bin in OKC. We talked about our week together, her moving from LA to Memphis, The “feeling” you get on stage when it’s going well and you know you have an audience right where you want them, and her schedule of upcoming work. Including this weekend (10/16-17) at Skyline Comedy Club in Appleton Wisconsin.

Much more about Jill at her site….

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LSQC106 – Tommy Savitt

Lenny Schmidts Quarantine Comedy: Tommy Savitt (LSQC106)

The Tommy Llama himself stopped by for LSQC106. As Johnny Depps spiritual advisor, Tommy’s “enlightened, Namaste…” approach is unique to stand-up. Bottom line is, He’s here to help. We talked about surviving before, during and after Covid, Bed bugs, a vodka cleanse, and snuff films. Seriously? …. snuff said. Feeling down?

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